In Conversation: Daniel B. Summerhill & Quintin Collins


Poets Daniel B. Summerhill and Quintin Collins each released their first book earlier this year. For the past four years, and while living on opposite coasts, they have supported each other as first readers and with workshop critiques. This means that while these poets have distinct styles and different emotional experiences, they also have unique insight into each other's work.

We’re honored and excited to host Daniel and Quintin for this program and we are looking forward to an excellent conversation between them, interspersed with readings and questions from the audience.

Divine, Divine, Divine book cover art.
Divine, Divine, Divine is an exploration of the divine and the deviant. A consideration of the Black tongue as a home. Life and death through the lense of language. This collection is an ode to the experiences that make us whole and an acknowledgment of those things that fracture us.” - Nomadic Press
Dandelion Speaks of Survival book cover art.
“Deft, decidedly vulnerable and unapologetically Black, Quintin Collins' The Dandelion Speaks of Survival is an inspiring debut and much appreciated volume exploring self-definition under the brunt of race, class and masculinity…” Cortney Lamar Charleston, author of Doppelgangbanger

To purchase their books in advance of the reading, you can order Daniel's book here and Quintin's book here.

Daniel B. Summerhill

Daniel B. Summerhill is Assistant Professor of Poetry/Social Action and Composition Studies at California State University Monterey Bay. He has performed in over 30 states, the UK, and was invited by the US Embassy to guest lecture and perform in South Africa. His work has appeared in or is forthcoming in Obsidian, Rust + Moth, Button Poetry, The Hellebore and others. His collection Divine, Divine, Divine is available now from Oakland based-Nomadic Press.

Quintin Collins

Photo By Jasen Sousa

Quintin Collins (he/him) is a writer, editor, and Solstice MFA Program assistant director. His work appears in many print and online publications, and his first full-length collection of poems is The Dandelion Speaks of Survival (Cherry Castle Publishing, 2021). His second collection of poems, Claim Tickets for Stolen People, selected by Marcus Jackson as winner of The Journal's 2020 Charles B. Wheeler Prize, is forthcoming from The Ohio State University Press/Mad Creek Books in 2022. Quintin won the 2019 Atlantis Award from the Poet's Billow, and his other accolades include Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominations, as well as being a finalist for various awards. See more of his work on